Marty Stepp

Marty Stepp

My name is Marty Stepp. I work as a computer science lecturer at Stanford University. Previously I worked as a computer science lecturer at the University of Washington from 2004-2013. I have mostly taught topics such as intro programming, web programming, software engineering, data structures, and comparative programming languages.

I am the lead author of an introductory web programming textbook called Web Programming Step by Step, with Jessica Miller and Victoria Kirst from the University of Washington. I am also co-author of an introductory Java programming textbook with Stuart Reges titled Building Java Programs: A Back to Basics Approach. I wrote an online tool for practicing Java problems to accompany the Java textbook, called Practice-It!. I am also first author of a C# textbook titled Computing Fundamentals with C# (no longer in print).

From 2004 – 2006, I worked as a computer science lecturer at the University of Washington, Tacoma. Before that I spent a year as a developer at Microsoft on the Excel team.

I got a Master’s degree in computer science at the University of Arizona in 2003. I did research in geometric algorithms and security, taught several courses as a graduate student, and was a teaching assistant for several years. My younger brother Mike Stepp completed a Ph.D. in CS at the University of California, San Diego and now works at Google.

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  1. Jean Wright

    I just tried your PracticeIt website. It was very impressive. My only question is, Is there a way to turn off the solutions. I’m afraid some high school students would just copy the solution and run it. I realize then they are not learning anything and should have sef-control but …

    Thanks again for your hard work both with the textbook and the site. I find teaching classes later more effective with average students.

    Jean Wright

  2. Avi

    Hey Marty,
    Nice blog. I too just got a chance to learn ubuntu and came across your blog. Really nice hints .

    But I had one question. On one of the hints on enable inking/drawing with ubuntu, I haven’t been able to find the option ‘Enable inking/drawing’ in compiz config settings manager. Could you please be more specific as to under what category did you find that option?

    Thank you.

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