About me: My name is Marty Stepp. I am a software developer and computer science educator. Welcome to my web site!
family Family: I am exceptionally proud of my two children, Eve and Larry. My wife and I welcomed Larry into our family this summer 2019. Our sleep schedule is still an adventure, but he is a sweet little guy and has started looking at us and smiling and doing other cute things. Being a dad is the greatest joy of my life, and I love seeing these wonderful kids grow and learn and make me proud every day.
code Software: I have worked as a software developer for several companies in the past. I have also worked on several large software projects. I wrote an online practice tool to accompany my Java textbook, called Practice-It, still used at the University of Washington and many other schools. I wrote a large homework submission and grading system called Grade-It that is still used at the University of Washington and other schools. I developed and maintained a large C++ / Java library used in Stanford's introductory programming classes called the Stanford Portable Library or SPL. I created a Java and Kotlin library to assist students with Android application development, called Stanford Android Library. I also enjoy hacking together small projects such as auto-grading programs for my homework assignments, small learning tools for my students, and other gizmos too numerous to list here.
Stanford logo University of Washington logo Educator: I have worked as a computer science lecturer at Stanford University and the University of Washington. I taught introductory programming in Java and C++, web development, mobile app development in Android, software engineering, data structures, and other topics.
Building Java Programs textbook Books: I have written and co-authored several textbooks. I am co-author of an introductory Java programming textbook titled Building Java Programs: A Back to Basics Approach, written together with UW CSE principal lecturer Stuart Reges. Stuart and I also co-authored Building Python Programs along with our colleague Allison Obourn from the University of Arizona. I am the lead author of a web programming textbook called Web Programming Step by Step, with Jessica Miller of Microsoft and Victoria Kirst from UW and Google. I am also first author of a C# textbook titled Computing Fundamentals with C# (no longer in print).
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